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Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring princess-diamond-SOL6616

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1.50ct, G-VS, EGL-USA, Princess cut diamond, White Gold. Price: $7,900 1.70ct, G-SI1, EGL, $6,880 1.68ct, G-VS1, EGL, $8,900 1.71ct, F-SI2, $7,680 2.01ct, G-VS2, GIA, $15,980 1.71ct, G-VS2, EGL, $7,980 1.51ct, G-SI2, EGL, $6,880 1.50ct, F-SI2, EGL, $7,400 1.77ct, F-SI2, EGL, $8,500 1.71ct, G-VS2, GIA, $8,900 1.60ct, F-VS2, GIA, $8,900 1.51ct, F-VS2, GIA, $8,960 1.50ct, G-VS2, GIA, $7,900 1.58ct, G-VS1, GIA, $8,800 ENG # 6616e Available with ANY SIZE, ANY SHAPE diamond. Please search below for diamonds, and email for quotes. DIAMOND SEARCH