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Hi G.

You made a ring for me about a year ago. Alternating baguette and round diamond eternity ring. Beautiful work and my wife is very happy with it. Plus she has never seen another even remotely similar, so is very pleased with it. I want to get her a pendant & necklace made.


Please see attached for the design that I would like. 18kt white gold and I’ll let you size up the diamonds. Only change from the attached is to substitute 2 of the white diamonds for blue. Heat treated is ok and sizes do not need to match as I know getting 2 matching color natural blue will be difficult and very costly. (I used to work at Argyle Diamonds and know the price of natural colored stones….!)


I’d like a slightly chunky, smooth organic shape to the pendant and a fine necklace, 18”.


For reference is her other favorite ring, scatter set white gold with 2 blue heat treated diamonds. I want the pendant to reflect the design of this ring please.


Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you soon





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